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“GeoTelecommunications”, LLC provides TV broadcasters with a range of services ensuring 24-hour broadcast (Playout). Outsourcing of the Playout services will let you avoid material expenses for broadcast formation – no need to rent additional premises, buy and operate expensive equipment, select and maintain new qualified personnel.

Organization of your channel broadcast will be easy, of high quality and economically effective with the help of “GeoTelecommunications”, LLC.

Using Playout service gives television channels a possibility to cut down organizational and production costs with no harm to the end product quality.

The service includes:

TV channel “building”

  • ingesting and storage of the client’s content delivered on Betacam, DVCAM tapes or in DV AVI files on any carriers (DVD, HDD, FTP)
  • import, processing, preparation of broadcast play-lists for release on the air
  • releasing TV channel content on the air via satellite or cable
  • broadcast monitoring with the help of the broadcast automation system
  • hot redundancy
  • TV channels production with live transmissions
  • running and special channel grid planning
  • leasing remote access to WinTV automation planning system integrated with the broadcast automation system
  • control broadcast recording with storage possibility

Online time opt-outs of video materials

  • Online opt-out of advertising video materials into the client’s TV channel received from the satellite or delivered via cable
  • Online opt-out of any video materials into the client’s TV channel to create a local TV channel version within the satellite coverage area

Interactive services

  • releasing SMS-services on the air
  • special graphics overlaid on a client’s broadcast

Time shift of TV channel broadcast

  • Time shift of a signal received from the satellite
  • creation of channels’ “twins” with a time shift

Content recording from the satellite for the further TV channel broadcast production

A significant advantage of Playout services rendered by GT is your possibility to use them both together with your TV channel delivery via satellite or landlines, organized by our company, and separately if your delivery scheme is already established. And it goes without saying that you can select the very services you need for your channel.

At present our Playout services are already used by the television channels:

TV-Sale, Russky Illuzion, Illuzion Plus, Detskii, Zoopark, EVROKINO, AVTO24, Russkii Extreme, CANDY, CANDYMAN, Fashion TV Network, Multimania.